Friday, 30 September 2011

New Player Sprite

Iv been trying to get the style right for the player for a while now, doing the art in a pixel style opens a lot of doors and closes others. First i had the player i posted a while ago, it was ok but nothing special. Then i had a few more designs that looked good as the basic template, but when i started developing them they didn't feel right. Finally i came up with this design. The little cave man character, he's interesting and original. i will probably add a few more clothes for him or a lot more if we implement customisable characters.



  1. being one of jordans' (arctics) best friends, i get to see all this stuff before anyone else :) ive also seen some other stuff that hes been messing around with that are pretty cool, trust me there is a lot more coming :P

  2. Finally, another person other than me or the makers. It's one of the maker's friends, but good enough.
    Oh yea, and the sprite's nice.