Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pipe update

Hello! It's a pipe update! Arctic just made few new pipes. The first two are curved regular pipes, that will be used to connect with straight regular pipes, and create something amazing...

The second one is a powered pipe, upper image is a powered pipe in OFF position. The second one is showing the ON powered pipe. How they will be used? It's easy, they will be needed for pumping out the water,oil and other liquids, especially if you want them on the surface.



  1. These things look like they'd be amazing I'd you implement them correctly. I can see myself having a lot of in with these, and I think a lot will agree with me. :)

  2. we've put quite a lot of thought into the game, and there's quite a bit more to come. Its going good at the moment, so more regular updates :D