Sunday, 6 November 2011



Today I am going to show you the thing you are going to pay for goods in Back to Basics

Okay, so here it is, made by one, best and unique Arctic

This ones will show up in the shops, or when being dropped:

Really small, huh?

This one will show up in the rankings or near the displayed amount

You can clearly see, that there will be two currencies, few words about them:

Gold coins - Will be very popular, dropped from monsters, gathered for completing quests or trading with shopkeepers, they will be everywhere, and easy to get, you will be able to buy goods using them

Platinum coins - Will be buyable for $$$ and will be more exclusive, player who have them can more easier buy everything.

Of course you will be able to buy mostly all items for both types of coins.


PS I will post more stuff soon, we are experimenting.

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