Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hello, New Updates!

        I am Archi (or Charlie if you prefer), a developer for BackToBasics, wanted to say hello and tell you about the recent changes that have occurred in the game!

For starters :
We have Completed the inventory system so, now items can be put in each slot  and can do their jobs.

Full Block breaking system has been put in meaning now blocks break comparative to the kind of items you have equipped.

Full placing of blocks is implemented as well if you have the blocks you can place them.

Updated how the character looks.

Added a day night cycle full with moon and sun, (no lighting yet)

I will be finishing up trees tonight and tomorrow start work on full world generation which means, Mountains and caves this is likely to take a couple of days.

Block world generation is done, meaning you will be able to find different kinds of blocks all over the place

we have 3 kinds of dirt and grass blocks to make it feel more natural(slightly different shades), new blocks such as sand and gold have been done also,

To come soon will be :

World physics meaning things like trees fall and move  this excludes water for the time being(water is some tricky physics and haven't quite decided how that will be done how smooth it is.

New/more Tools pickaxe axe and shovels etc, new armours and blocks ,

Full lighting.

Weather Systems.

I think that is all there is to it , thanks for reading,

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