Frequently Asked Questions

When the game will be released?
The full version of our game will arrive on PC'S probably in the 2013.

On what platforms the game will be released?
For now Windows is confirmed. We are planning Linux and Mac release also.

What's this game about?
It's a 2D Survival-Sandbox game, that will allow player to create amazing items, buildings, save them and share with friends.

Is this game the next clone of Minecraft or Terraria?
No, we don't want to copy Minecraft or Terraria, there will be innovative systems, effects, unique monsters and items.

I will need to pay to play this game?
Yes, it will be a paid game but the price will be affordable.

When the alpha will show up?
Alpha will probably will be playable at the end of Autumn 2013. There will be some premium alpha accounts, that will be given to "Alpha Contest 2013" winners.

What will be the age restrictions for "Back to Basics"?
We don't plan to send our game to any age rating organisation like PEGI or ESRB. The game is recommended for people over 7 years old.

What are the system requirements?
The answer will come along with alpha version.

What kind of items will be seen in game?
Weapons, accesories, crafting-elements, potions, devices, minerals, commodities and much more.

After relase, there are planned any updates?
Yes, of course. We are planning tons of updates, that will add new items, blocks, mobs and much secret stuff.

Will I have to pay to get access to new updates?
No, you pay only once and you get access to all updates and future releases.

What will be the languages version?
English and Polish version is confirmed, other languages are planned in future.

There will be multiplayer in the game?
Yes, multiplayer is planned feature. There will be probably option to invite friends, to your personal worlds.

What multiplayer mods are planned?
Free Roam is confirmed. There are also planned tournaments and events.

How many players can be on server at once?
The answer will come along with alpha version.

How many people work on this game?
Currently there are four people working on "Back to Basics".

Is the game going to contain any storyline?
There are planned some tasks and missions, that will be probably gained from NPC's.

There will be any levels/experience?
Yes, XP system is confirmed.

The game will contain weather effects?
Yes, weather is confirmed. We are also planning to add natural disasters.

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